About Us

Who we are

We are committed to providing unbiased in-depth information to help our customers choose the right software for their personal and business needs. Our goal is to become North America’s primary trusted choice for software purchases.

We connect software buyers to software vendors so businesses can find the right solution for their operations, and sometimes even get some money back while doing that.

Combining both in-house and user reviews, our software guides allow you to compare your software options in a quick, easy-to-navigate way.

How we can help you

Software buyers and reviewers

Compare software, check other people’s reviews and read unbiased software descriptions and lists of features. Not looking for new software? Leave a review about the software you use and help other people in the community find the right solution.

Software vendors

We can help your reach more buyers who are actively searching for software for their personal and business needs. Claim your profile and update your software’s information on our website, such as icons, logos, pricing, and available plans.

Why trust us

All reviews and ratings on our website are 100% real, whether created by our software experts or our users. Although software vendors can edit parts of their profiles, including logos and pricing, sellers can’t edit or delete user reviews.

We are also a 100% free website. In some cases, we will even help you save or get part of your money back. As we build partnerships with software vendors, we are able to expand our rebate program.

How do I add a software review to your website?

Reviews are a great way of helping our community find more insights about each software.

You just need to go to the software page you’d like to comment on and sign in or sign up under the “Leave a Review” section. Click here for an example. Once you log in, you will be able to share your impressions about any software, as well as list the potential pros and cons.

You can also sign up/in to your account via this page: https://software-rebates.com/account/