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Absolute Secure Access Reviews and Product Details

Absolute Secure Access is designed to provide secure internet access for businesses. The platform encompasses three products:

  • Absolute VPN: An enterprise VPN designed for in-office, remote, and mobile workers. With a self-healing infrastructure, Absolute VPN will automatically repair or reinstall itself if tampered with, accidentally deleted, or loses connection. Using a blend of sophisticated technologies, users get improved performance when the VPN is on.
  • Absolute ZTNA: This product provides organizations with a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution. Absolute ZTNA prevents unwanted users from accessing sensitive documents and resources. Authorized access is granted based on a thorough analysis of each user request. If a bad actor does sneak in, all applications will be invisible to them.
  • Absolute Insights for Network: As the name suggests, this product gathers real-time data on network, device, and application performance. This gives organizations a detailed insight into the employee experience. From there, organizations can take steps to optimize connectivity.

There is no set price for Absolute Secure Access. Users schedule a demo of the product suite, then establish a custom pricing plan based on the needs of their organization.

Free Trial? Yes
Free Version? No
Languages Supported: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese


  • Encryption
  • Split tunneling
  • No logs policy
  • IP shuffle
  • Leak protection
  • Simultaneous connection
  • Kill switch
  • Automatic connection

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Absolute Secure Access reviews

What our experts think

Thanks to Absolute Secure Access, remote and mobile workers get a seamless and secure access to company resources. Users report that the platform is well designed, reliable, and rarely experiences system errors. Overall, Absolute Secure Access is user-friendly VPN solution with intuitive features and customization capabilities.

For new users, the initial learning curve can be a bit overwhelming. Pricing can also be expensive for some organizations. Other than that, Absolute Secure Access does not have any major downsides. Any technical errors are promptly resolved by the Absolute IT team.

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