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TorGuard Reviews and Product Details

TorGuard is a multiplatform VPN solution to provide user-friendly products that protect your online privacy. The platform has 3,000 plus servers in 50 countries and runs on any OS (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS). TorGuard can be installed as a browser extension for Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Chrome. The main feature of TorGuard is its Stealth VPN technology. This feature bypasses deep packet inspection, making it nearly impossible to block the VPN. With Stealth VPN, you can access even the strictest websites. The feature also disguises VPN traffic to look like normal web traffic. Your VPN use is completely hidden. TorGuard’s Business VPN solution has several beneficial tools and capabilities:

  • Encrypted email accounts.
  • Protection from data leaks.
  • Dedicated user management portal.
  • Support for all TorGuard Tunnel-types.

Lastly, TorGuard VPN has unlimited download/upload speeds and bandwidth.

TorGuard has three VPN solutions: Anonymous VPN, Private VPN Cloud, and Business VPN. Each has its own plans and prices. The Anonymous VPN plans have a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Free Trial? No
Free Version? No
Languages Supported: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Danish, Italian, Japanese


  • Encryption
  • No logs policy
  • Leak protection
  • Simultaneous connection
  • Kill switch
  • Automatic connection
  • Split tunneling
  • IP shuffle

TorGuard pricing

  • Anonymous VPN
    Starts at $9.99
    Per month
    Learn more
  • Private VPN Cloud
    Starts at $15.99
    Per month
    Learn more
  • Business VPN
    Starts at $32
    Per month
    Learn more

TorGuard reviews

What our experts think

The main positive of TorGuard is its consistent reliability. Some people have used TorGuard for five-plus years and rarely experienced any issues. When problems did arise, they were quickly resolved by the support team. TorGuard runs efficiently, which means it will drain your devices’ resources. TorGuard’s ease of use is also high. Nearly anyone can effortlessly set up and use TorGuard.

Unfortunately, TorGuard uses a dishonest marketing tactic. At the bottom of the product website is a link labelled Free Trial. Clicking on it redirects you to a page promoting a 7-day trial for the Anonymous VPN plans. However, on the checkout page, the price for the plan is listed. This means you are still charged for the subscription. The “Free Trial” likely refers to the 7-day money-back guarantee, which is not exactly free. This strategy will undoubtedly anger, confuse, and/or trick numerous people.

Source: TorGuard

TorGuard does not have split tunnelling or IP shuffling capabilities. These are two features that many VPNs have. Hopefully, TorGuard adds them to their features suite in the near future.

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