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Bloomreach Reviews and Product Details

Bloomreach is considered one of the top marketing automation solutions in the world. The platform serves over 850 global brands like Puma, Bosh, and FC Bayern München. The main goal of Bloomreach allow users to create highly personalized customer journeys. To achieve this, Bloomreach has several useful features. The Customer Data Engine gives users a detailed look at their customer base and enables them to predict behaviours as well as create real-time customer segments. With the Marketing Intelligence and Insights feature, you can make data-driven decisions. For example, use in-session customer behaviour to create personalized real-time product recommendations. The Email Marketing Tool has advanced targeting and AI-powered personalization so that email campaigns target the right audience segment.

Bloomreach has custom pricing for their plans. Users contact the sales team to set up a pricing package best suited to their business model.

Free Trial? No
Free Version? No
Languages Supported: English, French, German


  • Automated marketing tasks
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Workflow automation
  • Basic/custom reporting
  • ROI analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Software integrations
  • Lead scoring
  • Web analytics
  • Social analytics

Bloomreach reviews

The user interface of Bloomreach is well designed and easy to navigate. The features are intuitive and effective. The audience segmentation and automated campaigns tools were two popular tools mentioned in several customer reviews. Many users have praised Bloomreach for its data driven approach. This model helped users better understand their customers. As a result, smarter business decisions were made.

On the downside, Bloomreach can initially feel overwhelming. Some users will have to spend time familiarizing themselves with the platform. Users have mentioned minor issues, such a long load times for longer reports. Improvements to certain features could be made. For example, the analytics/reporting tools could be more in depth, including more data points for more precise analysis.

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