Best SEO software

Our SEO software buying guide lists the best solutions for businesses, including Ahrefs,, Semrush, and SE Ranking.

What to look for in SEO software:

Features provided: To improve your overall online performance, you will need SEO software with a comprehensive features suite. At a minimum, SEO software should have keyword research, search volume estimates, backlink tracking, and keyword rank tracker tools. If you want a more detailed look into your website’s SEO status, select a platform that offers analytics & reporting, site audit, domain rating, and competitor analysis features.

Multi-language support:

If your website has a global audience, your SEO must support multiple languages. Most solutions will list the languages they support. If possible, select an SEO software with an extensive language list.

Pricing: SEO software can cost from $19 to $330. Pricing is based on the capabilities of the plan and the features provided. You will be paying more for comprehensive help with an insight into your SEO performance. For basic SEO needs, your plan will be more affordable.

Ease of use:

This factor is influenced by several things. First, many feature-rich solutions have a learning curve to them. Meanwhile basic platforms can be easily mastered. Second, your SEO knowledge can determine the difficulty of the software. Beginners may have a harder time becoming comfortable with a platform, while experienced users will learn the software in no time. But in the end, the goal of SEO software is to make the entire SEO process easier. Therefore, try to find a platform that is fairly easy to use.

Seobility is an all-in-one platform for managing, analyzing, and optimizing your website's SEO
Clearscope uses AI powered technology to enhance users' SEO performance
SEO PowerSuite
SEO PowerSuite helps users with every aspect of SEO, from keyword research to link building.
RankIQ is an SEO software built for bloggers and small businesses
SE Ranking
SE Ranking is an SEO platform for anyone looking to improve their overall online presence
Surfer is an SEO plug-in software that assists with keyword research and other SEO tasks
Semrush is an SEO software that helps users grow their website's organic traffic
Yoast is an SEO software plugin that can elevate the searchability of your website or e-commerce store uses AI to to enhance your content's SEO rank
Ahrefs is one of the most popular SEO software for digital marketers.

Commonly asked questions about SEO software:

What does SEO stand for?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. According to Wikipedia, it is “the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines”.

Why is SEO important?

The reason SEO is crucial because it makes your website visible on search engines. This leads to more traffic and more opportunities to convert visitors into loyal customers/clients. SEO software also gives you an insight into your website’s performance, e.g., which content are people engaging with the most. In other words, SEO software gives you quantifiable results in ranking changes, conversions, and website traffic. This can help you make better decisions to boost your online presence.

What is the best SEO software?

There are many great SEO solutions available. Ahrefs,, SE Ranking, and Surfer are four popular platforms. Each one is ranked highly by users due to their effectiveness and ease of use. Other software worth mentioning are RankIQ, AccuRanker, SEOwind, and Wincher.

How does SEO software work?

In general, SEO software improves your website’s ranking and visibility by conducting keyword research, providing internal and external link suggestions, analyzing competitors’ online performance, generating backlink profiles, and evaluating the SEO quality of your web pages.

How much does SEO software cost?

Almost every SEO software have basic, premium, and enterprise plans (the wording for each will differ between providers). Basic plans average between $19-$100, while premium plans can cost around $150-$300.

What are some features of SEO software?

SEO software has many essential features. Here are a few examples:

  • Keyword research: This tool displays the search volume, Cost Per Click, Clicks per Search, and other metrics of a keyword phrase.
  • Backlink tracking: This feature tracks and analyzes the backlink profile for any website or webpage. The metrics studied include referring domains, the number of backlinks, and average organic traffic.
  • On-page SEO tracker: This tool scans your web pages for technical errors and SEO issues. Some examples include low keyword usage, no internal/external links, and poor readability. Fixing these issues will help the page’s search engine ranking.
  • Domain rating. Also called domain authority, this feature shows your website’s search engine ranking score. It predicts how likely your website is to rank in search engine result pages (SERPs).

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