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Jasper Reviews and Product Details

Jasper is a unique writing assistant software. Unlike other products, Jasper actually uses AI software that shares the same name. Its main job is to assist you with writing text. You can use Jasper to write copy for various documents such as blogs, social media posts, pamphlets, marketing emails, and many more. To start, Jasper has over 50 templates with each one specializing in a particular area. Some example templates include Blog Post Outline, LinkedIn Personal Bio, Google Ads Headline, and SEO Title and Meta Descriptions. Jasper will create the content in the template style you choose. To create content, write a description of your topic. Also, set the tone of voice you want. This information will help Jasper write the copy you are aiming for. Then click Generate AI Content or give Jasper a voice command to begin writing. You will see Jasper generate the content automatically.

The Jasper BossMode plan starts at $59.00 per month. Five users can use the plan, and the word limit is 50,000. Therefore, this plan is good for longer content like blog posts. You will also get additional features like a plagiarism checker and integration with Grammarly. If you switch to yearly billing instead, the Boss plan costs $49.00 per month. You will also get two free months. The Business plan is designed for teams and businesses. The price starts at $499 per month, although Jasper offers custom pricing for this plan.

Free Trial? Yes
Free Version? No
Languages Supported: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, ..show moreEstonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish


  • Proofreading
  • Online version
  • Rewording
  • Plaigarism checker
  • Tone detector
  • Mobile version
  • Desktop app
  • Browser extensions

Jasper pricing

  • BossMode (monthly)
    Starts at $59
    per month
    Learn more
  • BossMode (Yearly)
    Starts at $49
    per month
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  • Business
    Starts at $499
    per month
    Learn more

Jasper reviews

What our experts think

The main positive for Jasper is the convenience it gives users. Several people said that Jasper sped up their workflow and let them create more content in a short amount of time. Instead of taking 2-4 hours to write a blog post, Jasper can complete the blog in 15 minutes. People were also surprised at how accurate and authentic Jasper was when writing content. The text never sounded fake and robot-like, it read as if it came from a human. Lastly, people said that Jasper was easy to use. While it seemed difficult at first, using Jasper was intuitive. And if any issues arose, the Jasper support team was there to help.

One downside to Jasper is that the AI can sometimes go into a loop. When this happens, it repeats the same content over and over again. One way to prevent this is by modifying the description box; let Jasper know that you do not want him to repeat the same paragraph. Other times, Jasper will make inaccurate statements or other errors. It’s up to the user to review the content and fix Jasper’s mistakes. Another negative for Jasper is the price for both plans can be expensive for some people.

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