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Writesonic Reviews and Product Details

Writesonic is very similar to Jasper. This software uses an AI tool to generate content for you. Writesonic offers over 50 templates in various writing styles. The AI will adapt to the template you choose and generate content in the corresponding writing style. You can use Writesonic to create Facebook ads, Amazon product descriptions, blog outlines, and even real estate listing descriptions. In general, Writesonic will generate content based on things like your topic, product name, description, and keywords. The AI will create up to 5 options to choose from. Writesonic has a built-in editor called Sonic Editor. It is based on the Google Docs editor. The Sonic Editor will check your document for errors. It can also rephrase, expand, or shorten parts of your text.

There are three plans for Writesonic. Each account has a set number of words per day which depend on four tiers of quality: Premium, Good, Average, and Economy. The word limit also affects the price of the plan. You also have the option to be charged annually or monthly. With annual billing, you will save about 33%. The following is a breakdown of Writesonic’s plans:

Free Trial

  • $0 per month
  • Premium quality: 2,500 words
  • Good quality: 6,250 words
  • Average quality: 12,500 words
  • Economy quality: 25,000 words.

Long Form

  • Annual billing: $12.67-$666 per month
  • Monthly billing: $19-$999 per month
  • Premium quality: 19,000-2,000,000 words
  • Good quality: 47,500-5,000,000 words
  • Average: 95,000-10,000,000 words
  • Economy: 190,000-20,000,000 words

The free trial will only give you access to the Premium and Good Quality packages. The Long form plan allows you to select any of the four-word qualities. It also gives you access to all Writesonic templates and features. The plan is best suited for bloggers, freelancers, and businesses and for writing longer pieces like blog posts or books. The Custom Plan is best used for teams and businesses. The price is established by the Writesonic sales team.

For more information on Writesonic’s plans, click here.

Free Trial? Yes
Free Version? No
Languages Supported: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, ..show moreHungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Greek


  • Proofreading
  • Online version
  • Rewording
  • Tone detector
  • Mobile version
  • Desktop app
  • Browser extensions
  • Plaigarism checker

Writesonic pricing

  • Long-form (yearly billing)
    Starts at $13
    Per year
    Learn more
  • Long-form (monthly billing)
    Starts at $19
    Per month
    Learn more

Writesonic reviews

What our experts think

Users liked Writesonic for the convenience it provides. People were able to write content faster, and the quality of their text was better. One person said that Writesonic helped improve the productivity and efficiency of their team. Other users said that Writesonic may have improved their writing skills; it showed them new ways to rephrase sentences or spot spelling and grammar mistakes. Compared to Jasper, Writesonic is affordable. For less money, you get a higher word limit. Lastly, people said Writesonic was user-friendly.

There are some negatives for Writesonic. In terms of the free trial, people wished the word limit was higher. They said the limit prevents you from thoroughly testing the software. One solution would be to have a set word limit, like 50,000-60,000 words. And like other AI writing tools, Writesonic sometimes generates incorrect text. Or the content structure won’t flow properly. Thankfully, it is easy to fix these mistakes. While Writesonic is affordable for most people, the price is still expensive for others. University students and new business owners are two groups who may find Writesonic expensive.

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