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Founded in San Francisco in 2019, Deel is designed to make it easier for companies to hire people worldwide. To achieve this, Deel has entities in over 150 countries and supports more than 120 currencies, which includes cryptocurrency. Deel specializes in international remote hiring and managing payroll. The software also helps companies maintain compliance with various countries. For example, Deel will help a company comply with international hiring laws (create localized legal contracts).  

Deel has two account categories, one for contractors and one for employees. Under the Contractor category, there are three accounts. They are: 

  • Hire Contractors: $49 per contract per month. 
  • Deel Premium: $99 per contract per month. 
  • Deel Shield: Price is quoted. 

There are two accounts under the Employee category. They are: 

  • Hire Employees: $599 per contract per month. 
  • Run Global Payroll: Monthly pricing per employee. Calculated by a Deel team member.  

Each account has specific features that help you manage global payroll and hiring.  

Free Trial? No
Free Version? No
Languages Supported: English


  • Compliance management
  • Contractor database
  • Qualification tracking
  • Document management
  • Job management
  • Reporting or analytics
  • Time tracker
  • Invoicing
  • Onboarding
  • Safety management
  • Scheduling

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  • Global availability: For companies with an international presence, the global availability of Deel is a significant benefit. Several people said that Deel made it easier to hire employees internationally as well as maintain employee payroll. For example, one person said Deel helped them send payments to 500 employees that lived in 20 separate countries. Several contractors said Deel made it easier to receive payments from their employers.  
  • Customer support: Another notable positive for Deel is its customer support. Several people said the Deel support team helped them resolve issues or answer questions. The response time was quick (usually a few minutes), and the support team was around the clock. Lastly, users said the support team was knowledgeable and communicated professionally. 
  • Ease of use: Several people mentioned how easy and seamless Deel is to use. Both contractors and business owners said that Deel was a user-friendly platform that was easy to understand and learn. 


The only significant negative for Deel was its cost. Since the price is charged per contract per month, the amount can get expensive. Businesses with several contractors (e.g., at least 50) end up paying more. Having a monthly fee would also be more affordable for small businesses.  

Other than that, there were a few minor complaints voiced by users. Some experienced technical issues, such as glitches and lag. Other people reported problems with sending or receiving payments. However, most people said that the Deel customer support team promptly fixed the issue.  

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