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TalentDesk Reviews and Product Details

Founded in 2017 in London, TalentDesk strives to aid companies in hiring and managing freelance workers from around the globe. The software has several features to accomplish this goal. TalentDesk is partnered with PayPal, Wise, Payoneer, and WorldPay for companies to make payments in 150-plus countries and over 55 currencies. A consolidated invoice containing all contractor payments will be sent to a user’s account. To maintain compliance with various labour laws, TalentDesk serves as a legal entity when new talent is hired, and TalentDesk allows you to create customized onboarding. TalentDesk has a simple dashboard where users can assign tasks, add attachments, and mark completed assignments. 

There are three plans for TalentDesk, Basic, Plus, and Enterprise. The price for the Enterprise plan is customized to your business. The Basic and Plus plan have set prices billed either annually or monthly. Here’s a look at the prices in more detail: 

  Annually   Monthly 
Basic   $50 per seat per month  $60 per seat per month 
Plus  $100 per seat per month  $120 per set per month 

There are optional features you can add to your TalentDesk account. Some notable examples include background checks, 1099/tax filings, and identity verification/KYC. These add-ons are available at an additional cost.  

Free Trial? Yes
Free Version? No
Languages Supported: English


  • Compliance management
  • Contractor database
  • Qualification tracking
  • Document management
  • Job management
  • Reporting or analytics
  • Time tracker
  • Scheduling
  • Invoicing
  • Onboarding
  • Safety management

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TalentDesk reviews

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There are several positives for TalentDesk. In their reviews, people said they liked the convenience of TalentDesk; it made their job easier. The software enabled them to take care of things like onboarding, payroll, and task management, all from a single dashboard. Contractors/employees said that TalentDesk was the right tool for remote work. For example, they received payments on time in their respective currency. And to top things off, TalenDesk was easy to use. The interface was simple and user-friendly; people could easily navigate thru the software. Lastly, customer service was  

Users did not report many significant issues. The only one of note is the price of TalentDesk’s plans. For small teams, the cost should not be too high. But if your company is large and continually expanding, then prices can get expensive. Other than that, people experienced minor technical issues that sometimes interrupted work. However, most of these issues were promptly solved by the TalentDesk support team.  

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