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Klara Reviews and Product Details

Klara is a telehealth communications platform that helps practices easily connect with their patients through secure messaging and video visits. The software provides patients with convenient and effective communication methods. For example, you can set up a textable number so patients can easily send questions or concerns. During video visits, you can share your screen to present test results, X-Rays and other documents. You and your patient can exchange messages, images, and files within a single window. Klara also helps practices improve their operational efficiency. You can connect Klara to over 50 EHR and PM systems to keep all patient information centralized and synchronized. Workflows automatically route messages to shared inboxes where multiple team members can answer them. This ensures no one gets overwhelmed. Other capabilities to mention include:

  • Reducing no-shows by sending automated texts asking patients to re-book appointments
  • Keep first-time patients engaged post-visit by sending relevant instructions and check-in messages
  • Enable team members to collaborate with other providers and pharmacies who are involved in the patient’s care

Klara does not have a set of plans and prices. Instead, practices request a 30-minute free demo. From there, Klara’s sales team creates a custom price tailored to your practice.

Free Trial? No
Free Version? No
Languages Supported: English, Spanish


  • Virtual waiting room
  • Video conferencing
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Instant message chat
  • Billing
  • Clinical documentation
  • Online prescription
  • Appointment scheduling

Klara pricing

Klara reviews

Multiple practitioners agree that Klara has greatly improved their communication with patients. Having phone and text messages in a single location is convenient and makes exchanges with patients quicker. Several users said Klara’s texting positively impacted internal workflow and customer satisfaction. One user said Klara was so effective that it replaced the need for a receptionist. Lastly, Klara is user-friendly, for practitioners and patients.

There are a few downsides to Klara. Users only had minor nitpicks. For example, one person complained that practitioners can only meet with one client in a video conference. Another person noticed that some of the automations have not been fine-tuned yet. And while Klara is user-friendly, some patients may have trouble learning how to use the platform.

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