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Spruce Health Reviews and Product Details

Spruce Health is a cloud-based telehealth company located in San Francisco, U.S. Their goal is to provide instant and secure communication between patients and their healthcare providers or clinics. Spruce Health combines phone calls, SMS messaging, video, voicemail, and fax into one complete package. Spruce Health is HIPAA compliant. All sensitive health information sent on Spruce Health is protected with encrypted software.

There are two ways Spruce Health connects patients with their healthcare provider. Spruce Health provides a doctor or clinic with a link, which they then provide to their patients. The patient enters the link when they sign up for an account Patients can also enter their clinic’s/doctor’s phone number to connect with them. If a patient does not have a doctor, Spruce Health’s Care Concierge will work directly with the patient to find a provider.

Health care providers and clinics have a choice between two plans, Basic and Communicator. The Communicator plan offers more features, which include Phone Trees, Urgent Escalation Triage, Clinic Hour Call Rotation, and Scheduled Auto-Replies. A credit card does not need to be added when opening a Spruce Health account. Patients use Spruce Health for free.

Free Trial? Yes
Free Version? No
Languages Supported: English


  • Video conferencing
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Instant message chat
  • Billing
  • Clinical documentation
  • Virtual waiting room
  • Online prescription
  • Appointment scheduling

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What our experts think 

There are many pros and cons for Spruce Health. While I could not list them all, here are some that stood out to me.  


  • User-friendly: I found Spruce Health to be very intuitive to use. Setting up an account took less than five minutes, and I easily connected my two test accounts (healthcare provider and patient).   
  • Communication Options: The amount of communication methods offered by Spruce Health is a major positive. It helps patients and healthcare practitioners find the best way to communicate. Several practitioners also said they liked how Spruce Health bundles all of these communication methods into one package. They found this very convenient; they weren’t constantly switching between email, fax, text etc. It also made it easier to track all the communication with patients, their families and other healthcare providers.  
  • Security: Spruce Health is HIPAA compliant. This means that all sensitive health information is protected.   
  • Support: Spruce Health has an extensive Help Centre. You can find an article on almost every aspect of the company. I used the Help Centre numerous times, and I found the article helpful. They were detailed but were written in a simple and concise manner. This helped me understand the provided information.  


  • FAQ section: While the FAQ section does have some helpful answers, I wish it was a little more extensive. Some of my questions were not covered in the section, so I had to use other sources to find an answer. While this wasn’t the end of the world, it was time-consuming.  
  • Tech issues: Depending on the internet connection, users can experience glitches or lags. A common example includes video calls freezing or users suddenly losing connection. However, some users said that these technical issues were usually quickly resolved.  

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