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OhMD Reviews and Product Details

OhMD is a telehealth software located in the U.S. The company was founded in 2013, and from the start, its mission was to reduce the challenges associated with healthcare. OhMD’s founders wanted to make healthcare more affordable, accessible, and simple for patients.

There are multiple communication methods on OhMD. To talk with patients, doctors can use video chats, phone calls, live chats, text messages, and texts from an office landline phone number. All of these communication tools are HIPAA-compliant. Other notable features include:

  • EHR Integration.
  • Mass texts: sending a message to multiple patients.
  • Appointment reminder texts.

Users have a choice between two OhMD accounts. The first is the Basic account, which is free. You will have to download a mobile app in order to use the Basic account. The second account is called Reach. There is a two-week free trial. Once that ends, prices start at $150 per month. With the Reach account, an app is not required. Plus, the account provides more features than the Basic account, such as video meetings, electronic forms, and automated message workflows.

Free Trial? Yes
Free Version? Yes
Languages Supported: English


  • Virtual waiting room
  • Video conferencing
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Instant message chat
  • Billing
  • Clinical documentation
  • Online prescription
  • Appointment scheduling

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  • Simplified: Many providers agreed that OhMD simplified their work. Some said that OhMD made it easier and faster to communicate with patients than typical phone calls. For example, one person said that OhMD enabled them to contact hard-to-reach patients and get a response. The software also enabled providers to track their patients’ status and medical history more efficiently. Lastly, OhMD enabled me to talk with multiple patients at once. 


  • Basic account: I found the basic account to be limiting. I realize it is a free account, so it will not have as many features as the premium account. But I still found the account lacking in what it offered. The only communication method it has is instant messaging; there are no video chat or phone call options. The lack of features almost compels you to buy the premium account. Compared to other telehealth free accounts, OhMD’s Basic account ranks the lowest based on what it offers.  

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