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Whereby Reviews and Product Details

Whereby is a Norwegian telecom company that provides video conferencing service. The company aims to make video conferencing simpler for users. You do not have to download an app or software to use Whereby. All you have to do is open a web browser and create an account. You can set up meetings with your own personalized URL.

There are two Whereby account categories, Meeting and Embedded. Each category has three individual accounts. The first account in both categories is a free version. The other two accounts in each category have fees attached to them In the Meeting category, fees are charged per month or per host and month. The Embedded accounts use a pay-as-you-go structure. Some notable features of each account include noise reduction, custom branding, screen sharing, and breakout groups.

Up to 200 can join a video call (the free account allows up 100 people). Users can view and edit documents on Google Docs, Trello, or Miro Whiteboard during a meeting. You can also watch YouTube videos simultaneously during a video meeting. To schedule meetings, Whereby is integrated with Google Calendar.

Free Trial? Yes
Free Version? Yes
Languages Supported: English, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish, French


  • Virtual waiting room
  • Video conferencing
  • Instant message chat
  • Appointment scheduling
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Billing
  • Clinical documentation
  • Online prescription

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  • Meeting limits: The number of people that can join a video conference is very high. Even the free account allows up to 100 people. This is useful when several doctors located in separate locations need to be present an appointment.  
  • Features provide: The number of features Whereby provides is notably positive. Having the ability to view and edit documents while in a meeting adds to the user experience for patients and doctors. One person said they liked the virtual waiting room feature; their clients enjoyed the feature as well. The features offered in each account gives healthcare providers more tools to work with.  
  • Ease of use: Whereby is user friendly. I liked how easy it was to set up a free Whereby account. All together it took less than two minutes for me to create my account. It is also nice not having to download software or an app to use Whereby. While I did not set up a video meeting, several user reviews have said that setting one up was not hard.  


Whereby was not designed as a telehealth software. It was created to service various businesses. Therefore, the site lacks some of the features common to telehealth software. For example, doctors are unable to make online prescriptions or clinical documentation. The most notable absence is Whereby’s compliance with HIPAA. Almost every telehealth software is compliant with HIPAA; this is done to meet the requirements around protecting sensitive medical information. Whereby states that it is GDPR compliant, which is a European law that protects the personal data of EU citizens. The law applies worldwide, so sites that attract European citizens must be GDPR compliant. I am not sure if this will meet the requirements set by HIPAA and other medical laws.    

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